A few months back I caught Failure here in San Diego on their Tree Of Stars tour. Needless to say, I was blown away by their live performance. After a sixteen year hiatus, this tour back showed they still had what it takes to play their incredable discography and sound great doing it.

I only had a roll of Kodak Ektar 100 with me and my Contax G2, that I was able to sneak past the door men at the House of Blues, you need a photo pass to use pretty much anything else but your phone, so I was unable to use my flash and had to relay on slower shutter speeds and an open lens. Not too bad considering the lighting in this venue isn’t the best. 

The return of the band Failure….Very impressed how this photography set was shot without a flash.


WWTB: September 23rd, 2014

Some really solid releases this week. Can’t get enough of the new alt-J.

It’s a pretty good week for music releases. Looking forward to checking these tracks.


Ryan Adams - Gimme Something Good (Later with Jools Holland) (16th September 2014)

Leeds Festival. 2006

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The Rolling Stones in Laurel Canyon, Calif., 1969

Dave Grohl: Singing Shows Are Destroying The Next Generation Of Musicians



Dave Grohl is not a fan of singing shows like American Idol and believes that shows similar to it are ruining the next generation of musicians. Read what he had to say below after the jump.

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MGMT gig poster by Craig Updegrove


MGMT gig poster by Craig Updegrove

The ultimate 70s band: ABBA

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