I am not from here from Chris Riffle on Vimeo.


As far as acoustic music goes, I have the feeling like much of it goes by under the radar. It a real shame. I see a lot of very creative people out there trying new things in that field that have yet to be heard and It’s a shame that they don’t catch on that easy. As an example, the barista at the coffee shop on my block gave me his card. To my absolute surprise his music was more then exceptional. Chris Riffle’s music is crafted with an immense attention to detail and is conveyed with a well-developed concept and direction. The single “I Am Not From Here” comes at us with an intimacy rarely ever experienced. It is a welcome change of pace (and well-needed relief) from the rustle and bustle of the current NYC indie scene. 

Whoa. I wasn’t expecting an exceptional talent. This is such well rounded song. Chris has great talent. Is there any more information about this artist?